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The positives of having a guide while trekking

Trekking is exciting and breathe taking but can also be dangerous, therefore after recent reports by The Telegraph it has been discussed to ban independent trekking, meaning travellers will now have to experience the Himalayas…

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The Benefits of Trekking

Trekking is a wonderful and memorable experience to be had with many benefits…

- Discovering beautiful scenery and wildlife – By trekking through various scenes you are presented with a variety of backdrops at different times of day while witnessing…

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QUICK QUIZ ANSWERS: Which Oyster trek is for you?

Answered mostly A’s? – Everest Base Camp
Reaching heights of 5550m and demanding a fortnight of trekking, this is the ultimate challenge. You will walk through forests and unspoilt villages at low levels and up to…

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QUICK QUIZ: Which Oyster trek is for you?

Unsure which trek is right for you? Check out our short, fun quiz to find your dream Himalayan trek!
Answer each question below and in our next blog we will show you the trek you are most suited to.

You would…

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