QUICK QUIZ: Which Oyster trek is for you?

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Unsure which trek is right for you? Check out our short, fun quiz to find your dream Himalayan trek!
Answer each question below and in our next blog we will show you the trek you are most suited to.

  1. You would rate your physical fitness as:
    1. extremely good
    2. very good
    3. good
    4. moderate
  2. The best element of your perfect trek would be:
    1. the extreme peaks and a real challenge
    2. fascinating panoramic views
    3. lush forests and lots of wildlife
    4. a real cultural experience
  3. You’d be happiest starting and ending your trek with:
    1. a scenic plane ride
    2. relaxing in a gorgeous lake side town
    3. a thrilling drive by mountain edges and through traditional villages
    4. a scenic drive gushing rivers with powerful rapids
  4. You wouldn’t trek without your:
    1. fleece sleeping bag liner
    2. DSLR camera
    3. binoculars
    4. Nepali phrase book
  5. You would describe yourself as:
    1. a thrill seeker
    2. a lover of great scenery
    3. a lover of nature
    4. a people person

Check out the answers in Tuesday’s blog!

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