The positives of having a guide while trekking

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Trekking is exciting and breathe taking but can also be dangerous, therefore after recent reports by The Telegraph it has been discussed to ban independent trekking, meaning travellers will now have to experience the Himalayas with the company of a guide.



As a responsible gap and travel specialist company Oyster feel this is the right decision to make!

Oyster have been running trekking programs for the past 10 years of which a guide has always been provided for various positive reasons these being:

-          Everything is organised for you including the best stops, routes and even resting lodge.

-          The guide can provide all information about the Nepal culture, share stories and teach you the language.

-          If any issues occur during the trek guides are fully trained and prepared with how to deal with any situations particularly in the medical field.

-          Accept help from the expert guides so that you can enjoy every part of the trip with out having to worry.


For a trekking adventure with our well-established, knowledgeable and friendly Oyster guides visit our trekking website or contact Jon at!

Published on 31 August, 2012 and saved in category : Oyster Trekking

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