Top 5 experiences during your Oyster trek…

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It is hard to narrow down the many great things about all our Himalayan treks, but here are some top 5 highlights according to Leah, one of our former volunteers who trekked the Annapurna and Langtang with us:

  1. Welcoming smiles at every the charming village you pass through. I am envious of those doing the Ghale Gaun trek – you actually get to live with a traditional family during their trek!
  2. Bustling Kathmandu needs no introduction – you are in true Nepal as soon as you step off the plane! I loved the guided sightseeing around this amazing city, squeezing in the ‘best bits’, from the famous ‘monkey temple’ to the local markets, with a friendly and knowledgeable guide.
  3. Walking across the roof of the world – most treks start at altitudes of over 2000m and even Kathmandu is at a higher sea-level than ‘pin-pricks’ like Ben Nevis!
  4. Awe-inspiring views and beautiful scenery are the photographer’s paradise, while the snowy peaks and scrambles are perfect for professional thrill seekers and amateur trekkers alike!
  5. Nepali cuisine – inexpensive and absolutely delicious, a lovely nutritious and filling dal bhat awaiting you after a day on the mountains is a perfect treat. You will certainly eat well!

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